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Regents Park FC,
Gothia World Youth Cup

Gothia Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament. Each year, around 1600 teams from 80 nations take part and they play 4500 games on 110 fields.

It’s the teams, and participants from around the world that make the tournament unique. A meeting place for the world’s youth, irrespective of religion, skin color or nationality, with football as the common denominator.

Why the Gothia Cup?

Over 8 years ago John McCulloch visited the South American youth champions, Tahuichi, who introduced us to the Gothia Cup through Cony Constin who runs the US Tahucihi program. 

7 years on and we have been consitantly yaking teams to compete every year, and competing really well.

We are now planning for next years 2015 tournament, and taking more teams than before.

Its a great life experience for all the boys that go, and they always do themselves and the club proud, both on and off the field.



The Gothia Cup
Planning for 2015

We are now preparing for our next adventure in the Gothia Youth World Cup in July 2015.


Each year we have taken more and more teams, and we hope next year will be no exception.

It really is a great life experience for the boys, both on and off the field. They create a great bond with all their club mates, not to mention the excitement and enthusiasm they show by competing in a World Cup.

There is also the added bonus that they perform really well.

If you would like your child to be part of this unique experience then plese contact us now
E: admin@regentsparkfc.com
or call John McCulloch on 07813 957187