Bloomsbury Football Foundation delivers a wide range of programmes and initiatives to put our vision into practice and improve the lives of young people and their communities in London.

Foundation Football

Our Foundation is open to all abilities and offers casual drop-in sessions; a space to meet other local children and exercise, whilst also improving football skills. We operate in a range of venues across many sectors of society: schools, council estates, leisure centres, sports halls and full-size football pitches.

Academy Football

Our elite academy provides the opportunity to train and compete at club-level, with the best facilities and coaches, realising the full potential of the most talented children who might otherwise miss out. Every age group has two football and one futsal training session each week as well as competitive league matches and tournaments. We always strive for excellence and have high expectations for our Academy players. Most importantly, we ensure that young people have high expectations for themselves.

Schools Programme

Through our delivery of morning, lunchtime, after-school and curriculum football in schools, we aim to ensure that every child has access to regular, quality sport. We believe in a healthy mind in a healthy body. Regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve concentration. We think this is particularly important for young people, who increasingly struggle with prolonged attention and focus in school, negatively impacting academic achievement. On top of this, team sports foster strong social skills and an important sense of collaboration and community. We hope to encourage children to enjoy the beautiful game and participate in football outside of school hours.

Holiday Courses

The school holidays are a time of relaxation for children, but are also an important opportunity for learning and development. Left to their own devices in the city, without access to constructive activities, young people can often end up behaving anti-socially. With our camps, we hope to redirect their energies towards improving their sporting abilities and teamworking skills. We understand that the holidays can pose a challenge for working parents, so we go above and beyond taking care of children, providing a focussed but fun environment for them to learn new sports and hone their football skills.