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Repair and Response Times

Adams & Styles aim to take care of all repairs within the time frames stated below:

Priority A: Maximum time for completion is 24 hours

This is for repairs to remove immediate danger to people, to prevent major damage to the property, or to make the property secure. We will make extreme situations safe within two hours.

  • Drinking water
  • Heating
  • Electrics unsafe
  • Flooding
  • Blocked drains and sanitation
  • No lights or power
  • No lighting to communal areas (complete failure)
  • Dangerous electrical faults (exposed wires, overheating of switches or sockets, flickering lights)
  • Burst pipes, defective tanks or serious leaks causing flooding
  • Blocked drains or blocked toilets
  • Gas leaks (normally reported to British Gas)
  • Dangerous structures - floors, ceilings, walls etc.
  • Removal of racist or sexist graffiti, or graffiti of an offensive nature to gay men and lesbians
  • Provision of temporary heating to vulnerable tenants
  • Replacement of missing or badly damaged manhole covers

Priority B: Maximum time for completion 5 working days

This is for work to prevent damage to the property, to overcome the inconvenience to the tenant, or where there is a possible health, safety or security risk.

  • Replacement of a broken toilet pan
  • Blocked waste pipes (other than toilets: see above)
  • No cold water supply to bath and basin
  • Restoring heating and/or hot water (temporary heaters should be supplied where necessary)
  • Temporary repairs to cover defective flat or pitched roots where there is serious water
  • penetration
  • Mending minor leaks on water pipes
  • Repairing leaking cone/soil joints to toilets
  • Repairing leaks to soil pipes/soil vent pipes generally
  • Repairing or renewing ball valves (overflows, water hammer)
  • Repairing defective extractor fan (internal bathroom/kitchen only)
  • Replacing broken wash hand basin
  • Repairing defective entry-phone system
  • Restoring flush to toilets
  • Broken fridge/freezer
  • Leak/damage patch
  • Infestations
  • Broken glazing
  • Blocked down pipes/guttering
  • Sealants coming unstuck
  • Repairs to defective kitchen appliances (fridge/cooker)

 Priority C: Maximum time for completion 28 working days

This is for work where there is no immediate inconvenience or danger.

  • Re-securing wash basin
  • Repairing blocked and/or damaged rain-water gutters and pipes
  • Replacing glazing to communal areas
  • Replacing chimney pot or cowl
  • Replacing fittings to windows and /or external doors
  • Mending faulty taps
  • Replacing zinc or lead flashings
  • Replacing ridge/eves tiles and cement filets
  • Replacing or repairing internal fire doors
  • Replacing defective fire bricks or parts for open fires
  • Repairing and/or replacing fittings for metal casement windows and doors
  • Replacing window sash fastener/sash cord
  • Replacing rotten or defective flooring
  • Replacing toilet cistern
  • Replacing waste trap or fitting
  • Repairing faulty stop valve or drain down cock
  • Replacing bath
  • Replacing kitchen units (including sink units/taps)
  • Replacing external doors
  • Replacing window/frames
  • Dry lining condensation treatment
  • Repairing or replacing wall tiling/splash backs
  • Replacing loose or defective flooring (not dangerous)
  • Fixing or replacing air bricks
  • Repairing or renewing tile surrounds
  • General brickwork repairs (rebuilding piers, boundary walls)
  • Repairing or replacing stone, concrete, tile or wooden window sills
  • Repairing timber staircases (not dangerous)
  • Replacing or repairing external fascia/soffit/barge boards
  • Repairing or replacing fencing/gates
  • Redecoration following repair works
  • Replacing gully grid
  • Plaster repairing gully grid
  • Plaster repairs to ceilings or walls
  • External rendering
  • Repairing internal floor screeds
  • Repairing external floor screeds
  • Repairing external paving/concrete aprons

Please take note that we measure response times from the time you report the problem to us.